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Council votes to dock Vagnini 40 days’ pay

Council votes to dock Vagnini 40 days’ pay

In a vote of 9-3 following a heated exchange today, Ward 2 Coun. Michael Vagnini again faces disciplinary action at the hands of his colleagues around Greater Sudbury council chambers.

Vagnini has since apologized to deputy chief Jesse Oshell for his actions, though Swayze’s report notes he only did so after his lawyer, Michael Lacy, told him it would be best for him to do so.

The beleaguered councillor refuted this claim during tonight’s meeting by saying he enlisted the legal help of Lacy after the apology took place.

The city councillor was “frustrated and used language and shouldn’t have,” Lacy told city council during his remarks at this afternoon’s city council meeting at which sanctions against Vagnini were voted on.

At issue was Vagnini’s request for fire department equipment to be deployed for use at a longtime volunteer firefighter’s funeral, which Swayze’s report notes Oshell denied “because of the extreme cold and the risk of damage to the equipment.”

  • “This is bull***t ***. Don’t play that f***ing game with me.”
  • “F*** off, I can’t believe you won’t do this.”
  • “Don’t try to tell me this s***.”

“He lost his composure, became frustrated when it appeared something that had been done for many other members of the fire department could not be done for this member of the community,” Lacy said.

“In the moment, they will say words or use rash words that express that frustration, but you have to have some allowance for human nature.”

Lacy denied Vagnini made any threats against Oshell in a subsequent phone call – a point Vagnini also shared during today’s meeting by clarifying “we were talking in general terms.”

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