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The 7 best dating apps for Android

The 7 best dating apps for Android

With the best dating apps you have on Android you are going to have the possibility of meeting that casual person, that friend to meet from time to time or with that woman who can become the mother of your children.

We are going to talk about the best applications that we have today on a mobile and that have revolutionized the way of meet new people. Especially in a world where smartphones have managed to shorten the distances and the ability to open our circle of contacts; especially those with whom we can become ends and as long as they are truthful and true in what they say. Go for it.


We start with the Queen app of dating apps from a mobile. Tinder has been chosen by many for years for having the maximum number of users and for that particularity with which it has become very famous: the gestures for ”I like this one” or ”I don’t like this one.”

It should be mentioned that each app has its audience, and the truth is that, under the experience of having used several, you can find people more akin to our tastes. It all depends on what we are looking for, and let’s be serious, the most of the people who use these apps are usually for something casual without any commitment at first. Fortsätt läsa The 7 best dating apps for Android